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Our Programs


Morning Beach Summer Fun

Participants attend from 9am- 1pm get to experience instructed paddle boarding, kayaking, beach volleyball, and get their hands on dissections with engaging marine biology lessons.

June 19-Aug. 18


Park Summer Fun

Participants meet at the park from 12 pm- 4 pm. We participate in guided group games, sports, ceramic art, science experiments and
arts & crafts!

June 19-Aug. 18


All-Day Summer Fun

All Day participants get the best of BOTH WORLDS! Participants are with us from 9am- 4pm and get to enjoy ALL the activities listed at the Morning Beach Fun and Afternoon Park Fun!

June 19-Aug. 18


Spring Fun

Our home stretch till summer, we can do it parents! At our Spring Camp, campers will get to enjoy arts & crafts, physical fitness, enrichment activities, and more! 


Night Out

Need a date night? Or, just want a night without the kids? We got you covered! Join a small group of 10-15 other families who drop their kids off at our home location, while you enjoy an evening out. We entertain the kids with games, arts and crafts and activities throughout the night! 

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